Elips Elektronik

Information Technology Solution Center


Sharing of information between the user groups became substantially easier as a result of connection of the computers to one another, increase of multi-user softwares and popularization of the IP technology by the Internet. The increase in the information sharing revealed the necessity of connection of the computers to one another with higher speed. While technology is always developing new endeavours relative to this, on the other hand security matters appeared, and the variety and numbers of incoming attacks over the internet increased. Our system experts assist our customers by producing projects that can be integrated into the existing structure after the analysis phase, efficient, developable, low-cost, with minimal risk, and that can respond to the future demands as well. 

Infrastructure planning and implementation,
Structural data cabling and turn-key
Envisioning and implementation of the network
Security (Firewall, IPS, IDS, Antivirus, Antispam)
VPN, Back up systems
Obtaining and installing the necessary hardware and software
Installation of network server, client and their services
Installation of WAN and LAN
Performance testing and turn-key