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PC – Personal Computer – Group

All of the desktop and laptop computers, mobile data processing devices, work stations, thin clients, screens, software and programs preferred for small and medium scaled companies and personal users can be called as PC groups. While the desktops are rapidly ceding their place to laptops, the following new generation already began to enter our lives with their high performance palmtop computers that have wide ranging wireless technology. Work stations are planned in order especially to increase the productivity in the work environments and to obtain maximum return from IT investments. They are preferred by many corporate and personal users that are professionals in science, engineering and creative fields as they aim at responding to the high performance visual quality necessities.

Thin client is a user terminal that is useful for connecting to a central server and log on to this server and to run a program. In this structure which is called server based data processing, all the applications work over the server. Low total cost of ownership, easy to use, close to zero maintenance cost, high security and easy to manage are the advantages of this system.