Elips Elektronik

Information Technology Solution Center

Satellite Internet Networking

Initially, it was possible to carry the sound, data and image to the people with cable communication means. Subsequent to this, uninterrupted, fast, secure and high quality access obtained with the wireless communication with which efficiency gained in internet access. When wireless and uninterrupted communication is implied, first that comes to the mind is satellite technologies. Satellite technologies no longer used only in military purposes but also rapidly find a place for itself in civil life as well. The satellite technologies penetrated into business life and developing into indispensable solutions in a wide selection of fields from education to health, publishing and transportation. In this system, communication of customers throughout Turkey is ensured with bidirectional internet technology from the satellite without requiring infrastructure and territorial lines.
Our company offers communication solutions in various capacities according to the demands of the customers, together with e-mail and surfing services received from the cable internet connections, also provides free of charge telephone calls with VoIP, high speed internet access, long distance pursuit and security with high resolution cameras, VPN and intranet applications for constructions sites located in remote areas and video conference services from the satellite.