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Servers & Storage Units

New generation servers promise continuity, growth and performance to its users. They are seen as optimum solution for businesses when their cost of ownership is compared with their own competitors through their innovative technological characteristics, with possibility of their easy administration, with their energy consumption which is fallen by half, and with their doubled performance. Back up, storage and filling of crucial data sources are critically important for organizations. It is of cardinal importance that the data back up is accessible as soon as possible in case of necessity and that the back up system is reliable. Important data is periodically backed up, as the size of the data increases managerial complications rise as well and existent hardware attributions begin to be insufficient. Therefore, professional solutions are produced in regards to data storage and back up units, and storage units that can be required by organizations by using the technology and structures such as, data storage networks (SAN), storage that is attached to the network (NAS) and what we call (back up) which is useful for getting a duplicate of all the data that is stored. In these technologies by collecting the data of the entire organization over the same system, the security, accessibility and manageability of the data is guaranteed.