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Barcode Automation System

Concentration of the population especially in large cities brought about unavoidably a rise in the shopping potential as well. Nevertheless, in accordance with growing demands the variety of consumption materials grew and necessity to protect and label the offered commodity choices at stores, depots and other places in a more systematic manner emerged. The barcode system provides a great deal of convenience to the seller in stages such as stock, sale and obtaining again of commodities as well as subsequent to the payment of the products the consumer purchases, at the time of completion of their shopping.  

The barcode system is a product identification system with its character structure that is formed by lines and spaces that are parallel to one another and in various thicknesses. These lines that are belonging to the product are read by optical readers that are connected to the computers. The computer displays these characters that correspond to and previously entered information on the screen. Consequently, all the information in regards to the products is accessed very fast. 

Even tough there are many barcode standards used at the present day, the most widely used standards are called EAN-13 which is used over the unit packs and ITF-14 which is used over the shipping units (usually parcels).

As the barcode is a method that provides the data to be entered fast and accurate, it can be used with convenience where the barcode processes are intense and anywhere the access to the information in a fast and accurate manner is necessary. Product related information entries, transfer and evaluation processes in the barcode system are extremely simple and do not require a special training. As only the codes are read in this system, any user errors that can occur are removed. The most accurate information is attained. As the reading and transmission of the information is implemented with electronic methods, it is much faster than the manual system. Confusion in between the commodities that possess similar products or similar codes is prevented.

The barcode automation system is offered to the customer by our company as a fast and accurate solution aimed at demand.