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Safe Security Project

As is known, prevalent practices in the safes that are leased to the bank customers in the Turkish banking system are: holding of one key each in the hands of the bank employee and the customer and going into the safe deposit, opening of the safe there with the help of the keys that are in the hands of the bank employee and the customer, the bank employee to be present there while the customer is conducting his/her transaction and locking of the safe again with the keys of the customer and the bank employee when the customer finishes his/her affair.

In a bank that have operations in Turkey, with the application that is established and named as “Electronic Robot Safe Operation” by Elips, it is ensured that the bank customers receive a more secure service compared with the “classic safe leasing”. The rough outline of the operation of the system is as follows:
“The bank customer who leases the safe is introduced into a room with a computer and subsequent to the entry of the password into the computer by the customer, a “robot” brings the safe that belongs to the customer. When the customer is finished, the robot takes the safe back and carries the safe to where the rest of the safes are located as is in system of the automatic parking garages with elevators.”