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Kazakhstan – Astana Rehabilitation Center Project

At the present day, the IT sector demands specialization that necessitates making of accurate choices every time, otherwise, when the accurate planning and choices are not made, the businesses are brought to the point of closure. Nonetheless, when the annually decreasing budgets of the companies are considered, it is true that projects, which succeed from many aspects such as point of view of the user, its management, reliability, scalability and technology, attract attention.

The main purpose of the rehabilitation center located in Astana city of Kazakhstan is the rehabilitation of the children who are the adults of our future and bring them to the society. As of 2007, the said center carries the attribute of being the largest Rehabilitation Center in the world.
Elips Electronic in its endeavors at the Astana Rehabilitation Center prevailed to install the network system by providing communication from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside without obstructing the work flow of the employees of the center, while keeping the security at the highest level as well as training of the children who are there to receive rehabilitation. The fundamental components that form this project are indicated below:
- HP ProLiant DL380 is used as the File Server that will store the data and as the Application Server where the automation system that will be used in the hospital is placed.
- HP DL360 EU Servers are positioned in the platform where the Kerio Winroute Firewall will be placed as Firewall software that will be used for the internet security and the connection of Thin Clients that will operate over the Terminal Serve
- HP Procurve Series are used for the entire Networking infrastructure.
- HP Procurve Switch 5308xl-48G is used as back-bone switch, HP Procurve Switch 2650 is used as layer switches and fiber communication is provided with Fiber Modules and Fiber Cables that are attached from all the layer switches to the back-bone switch. 
- For the users HP DC7600 SFF PC is preferred as PC and for the users who will work on lighter applications that will not require usage of PCs HP t5520 Thin Client is chosen that is more economic when considering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the amount of the energy used.
- On the side of the security Client Server Suite Enterprise Edition is used as antivirus and Kerio Winroute Firewall is used as Firewall.
- In the mail system Microsoft Exchange 2003, in the Standard and operating systems Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Professional are preferred. 

During all these endeavors, it is observed that the employees of the rehabilitation center, from their homes or wherever they are at the moment require to work through the internet as well as communication with us electronically.

Today Elips Electronic is delighted to implement this process which responded to the needs of the employees of the Astana Rehabilitation Center.