Elips Elektronik

Information Technology Solution Center

Concentric Supply and Distribution Program

Elips developed web based solutions for the technological products the prominent corporate companies in our country, district offices located in many parts of our nation, offices and stores require and their consumables, to save during control and concentric purchasing and the procedures of their distribution without being a burden to the companies. With this, these companies are drastically saving, providing control of these expenditures from one center very easily, are saving on the personnel and obtaining the maintenance of their concentration to their actual jobs.

We are all aware of the conveniences of shopping from the internet environment that brings to our lives by using Information Technologies. As a result of almost 3 years of collective work we conducted with a company that is the first implementer of electronic trade in Turkey, we contributed to responding to the demands faster and problem free nationwide.  
In this module that works integrated with any electronic store system, the necessary materials that can be provided by Elips to those companies that have special agreements enter into our company’s systems in the store automation system at the moment the claim is approved. In other words, when an online order is given from the electronic store system, the order is reflected to the data of our company and at later phases products desired are obtained without delay and shipped off to desired locations by Elips Electronic. With this, the companies supply all the necessities of their offices located throughout Turkey from one point and as a result they benefit from an enormous price advantage as well as making big savings with control convenience.