Elips Elektronik

Information Technology Solution Center

Company Profile

Elips Electronic took a step towards IT life with import and sale of printers, briefly subsequent to its foundation expanded its customer portfolio by entering the uninterruptible power supplies market, in the following years assumed new missions by specializing in service, technical support and consultancy fields, and at the same time updated its company structure in accordance with technologic developments. 

Elips denotes fundamental dissimilarities when compared with its competitors whether in founding and management or in organization. First, professional permanent staff that is reverential to their work attaches importance to the job done and conscious of the value of the work done. The structure of the organization of Elips can be rapidly restructured in complicated situations. This attribute provides Elips to operate much faster compared with other analogous companies. 

Elips denoted very high acceleration in the last 7 years in comparison with the elapsed time since its inception and attained a hard to believe expansion trend of 400 %. In order to offer solutions to all sorts of problems to the users in regards to IT within its own structure, Elips continue its developments in order to serve nationwide with the two offices it opened in Bodrum and Antalya and the partners it works with in Izmir and Ankara.

In order to be effective and strong in every field of the sector, it has participations with companies that specialize in diverse matters. Elips Electronic acted with branding consciousness and registered its name in 2000. It is in possession of ISO 9001:2000 certificate that is possessed by the eminent companies in the sector.  

In 2006, Elips Electronic acquired its place among the first 150 companies nationwide; it will recognize to transfer this success to the service it offers, it will share its gratification with its customers and carry its honor to the world.